After-sales Service 


Upano makes a commitment that, under the following situations, Upano will provide free warranty service as of the date of sale and within the effective warranty period, Client needs not to pay detection fee, labor cost, replacement cost of spare and accessory parts and test fee necessary for maintenance. Please contact with us for repair.  

1. Free maintenance service must meet the following conditions: 

      1)Products that have been put into normal use and functional faults have been caused by non-human factors as of the date of sale and within the specified warranty period;

      2)No arbitrary removal, no refitting or retrofitting not instructed by formal specification, other faults caused by non-human factors;  

      3)Serial number, delivery label and other labels of machine have not been torn up or altered. 

      4)Effective proofs and invoices of purchase have been provided. 

2. The following situations are free from free warranty service 

      1)Collision and burnout accidents caused by human factors; 

      2)Damage caused by arbitrary refitting, dismantling and shell opening, etc. not instructed by formal specification; 

      3)Damages caused by improper installation, use and operation not instructed by specification;

      4)Damages caused by circuit innovation or misuse of battery pack and charger not instructed by formal specification; 

      5)Damages caused by shooting not instructed by specification;

      6)Damages caused by handling in hostile environment, such as gale, rain and dust, etc.; 

      7)Damaged caused by handling in complex electromagnetic environment or strong interference source, such as diggings, launching tower, high voltage wire and transformer substation, etc.; 

      8)Damages caused by reliability and compatibility arising from simultaneous use of third-party parts not certified by Upano;  

      9)Damages caused by low battery or low level of batteries with quality issues. 

3.Warranty instruction 

      1)User needs to post the defective product back at the expense of express fee. Upano’s after-sales service center, after receiving the defective product, shall detect product failure in order to clarify responsibilities. In case of quality defects, Upano is responsible for bearing detection fee, material fee, labor cost and express fee and post the repaired product back to the user within five workdays;  

      2)In case that the product does not meet the conditions for free maintenance upon detection, maintenance shall be paid or the machine shall be posted back upon negotiation with user (express fee shall be borne by client); 

      3)In case that product defects are not covered in the warranty scope or are caused by human factors, we will collect detection fee, replacement fee of parts, test fee and labor cost according to detection results. 

      4)Please make a call to Upano’s after-sales service center for inquiring maintenance procedure and maintenance record. 


Changing or Refunding

Upano makes a commitment that, under the following situations and within seven workdays as of the date of sale (the date of pick-up shall apply), requests on exchanging or refunding will be accepted. Please contact with us for changing or refunding. 

1. Changing is available under any of the following situations 

      1)Damaged caused by transportation that client discovers receives the product and unpack it in front of the deliveryman; 

      2)The product received disagrees with product description; 

      3)The product unpacked cannot be normally started according to the specification or under the instruction of technical personnel, or quality defects have been caused by non-human factors. 

2.Refunding is available under any of the following situations 

      1)Obvious manufacturing defects have been discovered within seven workdays as of the date received and before the product is put into use; 

      2)Quality issues caused by non-human factors have been discovered after the product has been exchanged once; 

      3)The product has not be delivered five workdays after the delivery time committed due to human factors. 

3.We are entitled to refuse customer request for changing or refunding under the following situations 

      1)The product has been damaged, but the client does not request the deliveryman to return or change the product on the spot; 

      2)The client requests for return or exchanging seven workdays later (as of the date of pick-up); 

      3)Incomplete outer packing, accessories, gifts or specification of the product to returned or exchanged, or damages of appearance caused by human factors; 

      4)Legal proofs or receipts of purchase have not been provided for return or changing, or receipts have been forged or altered; 

      5)The product has no quality issues upon detection of Upano’s Technical Support Department; 

      6)Collision and burnout not caused by quality issues, quality issues caused by arbitrary refitting, entry of foreign matters (water, oil, sand, etc.), improper installation, or use or operation not instructed by the specification; 

      7)Labels or serial number of machine has been torn up or altered, etc.; 

      8)Damages caused by unavoidable factors, such as fire, flood, lightning stroke, traffic accident, etc. and other force majeure;  

4. Instruction for changing or refunding 

      1)Time of refunding: in case of local credit card/debit card or AliPay, refund will be transferred to the bank account agreed in the contract within thirty workdays after the returned goods have been received; 

      2)In case of exchanging, faulty components will be replaced. In case of main engine trouble, main engine will be replaced; incase of battery fault, battery will be replaced. Other parts will not be replaced.