About Upano


        Beijing Extremal Graphs Technology Co., Ltd. (Upano), is the first to enter the field of vision for the development of innovative companies in the field of vision. Development so far, the company has become the industry's leading set of panoramic equipment hardware production, content production and project services in one of the technology driven enterprises.

         Shooting in the field of panoramic vision, panoramic vision Upano has the industry's most complete product line and panoramic technology solutions, to complete an independent research and development of intelligent hardware, mosaic algorithm, video codec, VR, panoramic optical SaaS cloud platform, mobile VR video playback technology live, products have independent intellectual property rights, patents and software copyright the right of more than thirty.

         Adhering to the "independent research and development, continuous innovation, sincere service" business philosophy, Upano has been successful for hundreds of domestic Internet, television, media, communications, security industry enterprise customers to provide innovative technology and products in the field of VR solutions, the visual technology in the panorama of help to achieve rapid growth business. 

         In the future, Upano will forge ahead, with the virtual reality industry to improve and develop at the same time, to enhance their own hard and soft power, to become the industry chain in depth integration capabilities of VR imaging company.